Zone Cork Massage Balls
Zone Cork Massage Balls
Zone Cork Massage Balls
Zone Cork Massage Balls

Zone Cork Massage Balls

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The massage balls are made from 100% sustainable cork. They are firm and durable allowing you to self-massage and prevent injury by releasing tension in tight muscles, fascia and hard to reach places. In your set you'll receive 2 different sized balls so you can target both large and small muscles. 

◦ Increase mobility before exercise and post recovery.

◦ Combat travel stiffness and fatigue.

◦ Simply incorporate into your daily routine.

◦ Product packaging is kind to the Earth and plastic free. 


Non toxic, eco friendly, sustainable, plastic free. Cork products are reusable and recyclable making it sustainable and environmentally friendly. It's naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial repelling dust, dirt and grease. Cork has a cellular structure that allows it to easily compress and expand, helping with shock absorption and comfort. Cork has a soft natural feel, it's easily cleaned, durable, waterproof and stain resistant.


In your set you'll receive 1x 6cm and 1x 8cm massage ball. 

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