Resparkle Foaming Hand wash Kit (Grey)
Resparkle Foaming Hand wash Kit (Grey)
Resparkle Foaming Hand wash Kit (Grey)
Resparkle Foaming Hand wash Kit (Grey)

Resparkle Foaming Hand wash Kit (Grey)

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This gentle foaming hand wash is packed with fragrant essential oils and produces a velvety lather to gently remove germs and dirt without stripping your skin dry. If you're looking for a sustainable soap alternative this starter kit is for you! This reusable silicone protected glass bottle comes with the all-natural antibacterial hand wash powder packed in a home compostable refill sachet. Smells of Lavender, Mandarin & Clary Sage.

"An average Aussie home uses 2250 plastic hand wash bottles in a lifetime. But you're not average, you're a game changer. Thank you for choosing better," Pearl Chan - CEO, Resparkle


+ Sensitive skin 

+ Cruelty free + vegan friendly 

+ Plant-based formula for extra hydration

+ Antibacterial, sulfate-free and no chemicals concentrate 

+ Compostable, plastic-free refill sachets

+ All items are made in Australia


  • Reusable glass bottle (400ml)
  • Attachable foaming hand pump
  • Natural foaming hand wash refill sachet


  1. empty sachet(s) provided into the bottle
  2. Gently add warm water
  3. Leave to dissolve (About 30-40mins)
  4. Cap and you are ready to resparkle!

Always add powder first before adding water. The powder will foam up when water is added. To prevent the foam from overflowing, fill water up to the top end of the silicone window. Allow foam to settle then top up with more water to fill the bottle fully. 


Home compostable sachet. Glass bottle is reusable and cardboard can usually be recycled; always check with your local council. 


Plant based surfactants, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzonate, Potassium Sorbate, Essential Oils.

Made in Australia

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