Ever Eco Veggie Scrubber - Bamboo Handle, Sisal Bristles

Ever Eco Veggie Scrubber - Bamboo Handle, Sisal Bristles

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This veggie scrubber is made from plants providing a sustainable alternative to plastic brushes, the handle is made from bamboo with sisal bristles. The handle is unvarnished wood which means no chemicals are used in the making of this brush unlike plastic brushes, this is to ensure compost compatibility. Vegan friendly.


  • To assist in the longevity of your brush, allow it to dry between uses (do not leave sitting in water)
  • Stand brush upright on its bristles between uses to encourage any residual water to drain away
  • Handles can be treated with wood oil or wax if desired
  • Natural signs of aging will occur over time from exposure to water, minerals within water and dish washing liquid. Wood oxidation (dark spots/discolouration), cracks/splits in the wood and bristle loss are possible and do not impact functionality. Wood is a natural product and the compostable nature of this brush is what makes it such a great zero waste kitchen essential.
  • At end of lifespan, this brush is compostable
At the end of its life cycle this item is compostable.

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