Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Protein Sprouted Brown Rice - Vanilla 400g

Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Protein Sprouted Brown Rice - Vanilla 400g

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Eden Healthfoods Ultimate Protein uses a traditional bio-fermentation process of sprouting certified organic brown rice and adding enzymes to help break down the carbohydrate component producing the ultimate raw protein formula, which is high in protein (80%), alkalising and easier to digest. Ultimate protein has a silky smooth creamy texture, they use a high-quality ultra-fine micronised protein powder for hep with maximum absorption, digestion, and nutritional properties. 

Amino acid profile, 98.2% assimilation, 80% protein, Ultra-fine Micronised powder, Smooth creamy texture, Certified Organic, Sprouted and Bio-fermented, Allergen free, Low fat, Gluten Free, Vegan, Australian made & owned. 10% of all Edenhealthfoods profits from sales go directly to humanitarian, health education and medical missionary work around the world (see their website for more details).

Packaging is recyclable; always check with you local council.

Premium Grade Bio-fermented Raw Sprouted Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein*, Natural Vanilla, Non-GMO Apple Pectin, Stevia*
*Certified Organic

Ultimate Protein not only uses certified organic brown rice but is one of the only protein powders on the market today to use certified organic stevia. Stevia that is not organic use chemicals in there processing.


Over 5g of L-Glutamine and precursors and over 5g of Branched Chain Amino Acids per serve.

Serving Size (1 scoop) 34g  Servings per container: 12 (400g); 29 (1kg)
Nutritional Panel Per Serve (34g) Per 100g
Energy 528kj (126 Cal) 1553kj (371Cal)
Protein 25.8g 76g
Total Carbohydrates 4.01g 12.01g
        Sugars <0.32g <0.95g
Fat Total 0.65g 1.9g
       Saturated 0.29g 0.86g
Sodium <1.65mg <4.85mg
Amino Acids
Alanine 1.27g 3.72g
Arginine 1.76g 5.18g
Aspartic acid 3.25g 6.92g
Cystine 0.62g 1.82g
Glutamic Acid 4.68g 13.77g
Glycine 0.81g 2.39g
Histidine 0.58g 1.7g
Isoleucine^* 1.51g 4.43g
Leucine^* 2.35g 6.92g
Lysine^ 1.32g 3.89g
Methionine^ 0.59g 1.75g
Phenylalanine^ 1.13g 3.33g
Proline 1.58g 4.64g
Serine 1.27g 3.74g
Threonine^ 1.23g 3.61g
Tryptophan^ 0.4g 1.19g
Tyrosine 1.06g 3.12g
Valine^* 1.56g 4.58g
^ = Essential Amino Acids  * = Branched Chain Amino Acids


Mix 2 heaped tablespoons (34g) with water, juice or your favourite drink in a blender or shaker at any time of day.

For best results use Eden Healthfoods Energy Shot before your workout, High Octane during and Super Lean Protein after your workout.

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