Eden Healthfoods Superfood Certified Organic Greens Powder 150g

Eden Healthfoods Superfood Certified Organic Greens Powder 150g

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Perfect as a morning energy drink or an afternoon pick-me-up
Good nutrition isn't about how much of a certain vitamin or mineral you take, but how much of that vitamin or mineral your body can absorb. It's not about how many milligrams you consume, but how much actually gets from your bloodstream into your cells and organs.

Eden Healthfoods Superfood Formula has been created to supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Made with 100% organic ingredients, the formula features a balanced blend of superfoods that can quickly and easily be absorbed into your system at a cellular level. 

All ingredients are obtained from the richest sources on the planet. These are nature's nutrients created by God (psalm 104-14). This formula has been designed for maximum nutrition without using man-made synthetic, isolated vitamin and minerals. It's 100% wholefood source that is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential trace elements.

Vegan, Gluten free, Alkalising, Organic, Australian Made & Owned. 

Packaging is recyclable; always check with your local council.

Mix 2 tablespoons in a tall glass of juice. Follow this program for 30 days and feel the difference. If taking Eden Healthfoods Superfood Formula for the first time, start off with 1 teaspoon for the first week, then build up to the recommended serving size.


Eden Healthfoods Superfood Formula provides a balanced blend of natures richest superfoods.

Spirulina - highest plant source of protein (65%)

Cell Broken Chlorella - help detoxify the body

Alfalfa Grass - natural body cleanser

Barley Grass - source of nutrition and alkalising

Wheat Grass - natural body cleanser

Beetroot - great blood builder

Rosehips - natural source of highly absorbable vitamin C

Spinach - rich source of iron, calcium, and vitamin K

Purple Dulse Seaweed - rich source of trace elements

Peppermint Leaf - flavouring and digestion

Green Stevia Leaf - natural sweetener

All ingredients are certified organic under Australian standards. This is a vegan product. 


Serving size (1 tbsp) 7g
Servings per pack 21 (150g); 52 (400g); 142 (1kg)
per serve per 100g
Energy 225kJ 1500kJ
Protein 4.09g 27.3g
Total Fat 0.6g 4g
     Saturated Fat 0.15g 1g
     Unsaturated Fat 0.42g 2.8g
     Cholesterol 0mg 0mg
Total Carbohydrates 7.8g 52g
     Sugar 1.65g 11g
Dietary Fibre 2g 13.33g
Sodium 105mg 700mg

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