Eden Healthfoods Energy Shot Pre-Workout - Monk Fruit & Berry 150g

Eden Healthfoods Energy Shot Pre-Workout - Monk Fruit & Berry 150g

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Powerful herbal blend that gives a sustained energy boost, all day long!

Eden Healthfoods Energy Shot is a powerful blend of organic whole herbs which provide nutritional and stimulating properties, to intensify your workout.

  • Sustained endurance and energy
  • Enhanced mental focus and performance
  • Made with freshly milled organic and wildcrafted herbs
  • Intensifies workouts
  • NO sugar or artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives
  • NO added caffeine or isolates
  • NO crash, jolts, jitters or shock

    Contains non-toxic moisture absorbing packet, Australian Made & Owned. 

    Packaging is recyclable; always check with your local council.


    Mix 1 tablespoon or more with water, juice or smoothie. Morning is best or 1 hour before exercise. For best results add 1 tablespoon to a cup of boiling water and let steep.

    WARNING: Do not take at night


    Nutritional Energy Blend 1.5g – Goji Berry*, Peruvian Yellow Maca*, Peruvian Yellow Maca Juice Powder*

    Stimulating Energy Blend 1g – Guarana Seed, Yerba Mate Leaf*, Green Tea Leaf (Sencha)*, Green Tea Leaf (Matcha)*, Kola Nut

    Power Energy Blend 1g – Siberian Ginseng Root*, Brazilian Ginseng (Suma)+, Damiana Leaf+, Korean Ginseng*, Tienchi Ginseng

    Circulatory Energy Blend 0.5g – Ginkgo Biloba Leaf*, Hawthorn Berry*, Licorice Root*

    Flavour Energy Blend 1g – Monk Fruit Plant Extract, Natural Brambleberry, Stevia*

    *Certified Organic     +Wildcrafted

    All herbs certified organic or wildcrafted and freshly milled whenever available.


    Serving size (1 tbsp) 5g
    Servings per pack 30
    per serve per 100g
    Energy 55.3kJ (13.22 cal) 1106kJ (264.34cal)
    Protein 0.50g 9.9g
    Total Fibre 2g 39.9g
    Total Fat <0.05g 0.9g
          Mono-unsaturated <0.01g 0.2g
          Poly-unsaturated <0.02g 0.4g
          Saturated <0.02g 0.3g
          Trans <0.01g <0.1g
    Total Carbohydrates 1.72g 34.4g
          Sugars 0.61g 12.2g
    Sodium 5.5mg 110mg


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