Pawsome Organics DEtox DErt™️ 300g
Pawsome Organics DEtox DErt™️ 300g

Pawsome Organics DEtox DErt™️ 300g

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Diatomaceous Earth is a natural, organic worming and parasite treatment, it is not only helps keep away the nasty critters, it may also help detoxify your pets body, as well as assisting the gut health. For dogs & Cats.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is fossilised microscopic algae (diatoms) that have been ground into a fine powder. DE is full of minerals and has many health benefits, no only can it be an organic, natural wasy of controlling worms and parasites, it may also help detoxify and cleanse the body, as well as assistsing the overall skin and coat health. This product is souced from one of the only freshwater mines in Australia.

Vegan, Natural, ACO Certified Organic, Vet approved, Australian Made.


A dosage of 2% of the feed ration can over a period of 1-2 weeks use have significant beneficial effect on parasitic load and animal nutrition. E.g. If your pet is fed 500g per day you would add 10g of DE to the feed. Keep away from the eyes and nose as DE may cause irritation. Wash with clean water if irritation does occur. Store in a cool dry place. 

100% Organic Diatomaceous Earth

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