Ethique Bamboo & Cornstarch In-Shower Container Navy

Ethique Bamboo & Cornstarch In-Shower Container Navy

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Made with non-toxic eco-friendly & biodegradable bamboo fibres. These in-shower containers will last up to five years in your shower or bathroom and they are completely compostable. This improved designed extends the life of your bars by helping them dry while allowing them to breathe. One in-shower container will hold one Ethique Shampoo Bar and one Ethique Conditioner Bar.


Vegan, Cruelty Free, Climate Friendly Business, Certified B Corporation.


Place the bars into the tray then place the lid on top to prevent water from soaking the bars. There are slots at the bottom of the tray to help drain your Ethique bars. 


In shower container and packaging are compostable.

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