5 Products I took to Stradbroke Island, Quandamooka Whale Bone Petition, Illegal Dolphin Feeding, Master Connectors

5 products I took to Stradbroke Island

You might have seen last week I went on holiday to Stradbroke Island. Visiting the island was just a clear reminder of why I do what I do, and why I started this business. I packed my bags with some of my favourite items that I can't live without and here they are

Never thought I'd use deodorant in a tin but hey the formula works, no stench, no problem! 1 application lasted me an entire day venturing around Stradbroke! I only re-applied after having a shower late afternoon/early evening before going out to dinner.
I'm not the type to wear perfume on a day to day basis but love a good dab of Vine on special occasions. Whilst at Straddie I wore Vine whenever we ate out, think of it as an extra touch to your outfit that is divine!
My favourite deep clean cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling silky soft and most of all clean! I use it 1x times a day.
This duo changed my life. I have combination skin and usually, my face would get super oily during the day and I'd have to wash it, so annoying! But with the Dawn to Dusk Facial Cream mixed with the AM Serum is the perfect combo with a velvety matte finish. The cream goes a long way so only a small dab on your index finger is enough to cover your entire face and more. I like to mix it with the AM Serum for application as the two together just glide over the skin so seamlessly. No shine, no worries, just plump skin! Also works as a great primer under makeup!

Quandamooka Whale Bone Petition

Stradbroke island is home to a vast range of wildlife that roams the island freely. My favourite spot of the trip was Point Lookout Gorge Walk. This 1.2km boardwalk overlooks the rocky headland and pacific ocean and was full of wildlife encounters! Giant turtles surf the waves and eat along the cliffside, kangaroos greet you from the bushland and along the boardwalk. 

You might even see some koalas, dolphins and manta rays along the way! Whales pass by the island usually between June and November so we were a little early this time in May however we will definitely make our way back to see this treasure again. 

Dogs are also welcome on leash, ours had a blast!

Our trip was made extra special by some crazy weather. Whilst on the boardwalk large waves crashed against the rocks creating sea foam that washed in like lava and blew up into the air like snow. It was an incredible sight to see, white foam flew right past us landing on the pathways and amongst bushland.

There are two entrances that you can access the Gorge Walk on and we did it both ways. We were saddened to see at one of the entrances, large signs and a campout created by the Quandamooka Truth Embassy. We spoke to a local lady at the campout and had a very interesting yet not surprising conversation about what was going on here. Basically, the state government & others want to develop a supposed tourist hotspot to present the bones of a whale that washed ashore and died a horrific death. They will be destroying sacred bushland that wildlife inhabit. This development is simply unwanted by natives, locals and tourists. The population of Stradbroke island in 2021 was estimated to be only around two and half thousand people. Their petition currently has around 60,000 signatures which shows the support of non-locals including tourists. So it's pretty obvious that people who live at Straddie, visit Straddie or have heard of this heart-wrenching story want to put a stop to the development. Their petition needs 75,000 signatures, if you want to help protect this natural habitat you can do so here.

Unfortunately, the basis of this story is all too familiar and close to home. Mass destruction on this planet has become the norm. If you didn't know my company is based on the Sunshine Coast. I am one of few people who were actually born and raised on the Sunny Coast as most people migrate here from elsewhere. You also didn't know that I grew up with just my mum. My dad picked me and my sister up every second weekend and took us back to his home on the Gold Coast for the weekend. So I mainly grew up in the green hilled bushy suburbia called Buderim. When our city trips came to an end my dad drove us back to the coast. Every time we drove up Buderim hill he never missed his chance to call us "Buderim bushiiiiies." He would say it with such emphasis because it literally was quite bushy. Although I've just turned 22 and there seems to be less and less bush, more development, more people, more cars, more pollution, less habitat. Buderim is now one of the most sought after locations on the coast and it shows. It's not just Buderim though, it's the entire Sunshine Coast and Australia. Visiting Stradbroke island, I talked to many locals and it's the same story, I also spoke to another tourist who wanted to move to Stradbroke because she lived at Byron Bay for 11 years and its the same story there, quote on quote "it's not the same anymore". 

Illegal Dolphin Feeding

Another great place we visited on the island was amity point, there's a great camping ground right next to the water with a jetty. We walked along the jetty to see that there was a  beautiful dolphin gliding through the water and spurting its blowhole. There are heaps of baitfish around which brings in the dolphins and also means high shark activity, so you can't swim there. We spoke to a local man who told us about a woman and her dog who swam in the area about 15 years ago, both her arms were mauled by bull sharks, and she died in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. Then he told us about another local on the island who went out on his paddleboard not far from the jetty but further up the bank and came back with one leg. He supposedly still lives on the island and walks around with a wooden leg. Whilst we were there, there were some people fishing off the jetty and some others just taking in the nature show. There were different species enjoying the baitfish one of which was a bird that kind of looked like a large eagle. It would spot the fish from high above and then shoot into the water like a bullet, at about 70km according to the local man. 

One of the fishermen was catching baitfish and feeding the dolphin, it was so cool to see the dolphin up close but I had a bad feeling in my stomach. It didn't feel right was he was doing, it felt harmful. When we were leaving and drove off I saw a sign which states feeding dolphins is illegal and harmful. I really think they need a sign on the jetty as that's most likely where people are going to attempt to do this. After doing some research about this I learned that feeding dolphins put them at risk of human-related injuries. Dolphins are smart and if they find a spot where humans will feed them they will teach their calves and show others that they can feed there too. It attracts dolphins to areas where there are more humans and fishing activity, dolphins are at risk of boat propeller injuries, being hooked or entangled in fishing lines and may die. The guy feeding the dolphin seemed as if he knew what he was doing like he'd done it before which is disappointing because he probably knew he wasn't meant to be doing it but proceeded. Our marine life is already at such great risk due to humanity and it's a shame that people continue to intentionally do harmful things to it, we must do what we can to protect our oceans!

Master Connectors

Stradbroke Island was a beauty! I'm excited for when humanity comes together as one to replenish our earth and live sustainably. There is definitely a collective of people who have woken up and we are the master connectors, this phrase came to me as a direct message through consciousness. I had a past life regression done a few weeks ago and the phrase popped up again, I told Natalie who was performing the service and she said she knows the phrase as she is also a master connector. It is us master connectors that will raise the consciousness of humanity and earth. I started this business after I had an awakening of what I truly am which is consciousness. I never understood what people meant when they'd say 'we are all one' and now it makes sense. When people wake up it can be quite spontaneous or it may have been in the works for a while. For me I was a hardcore seeker and questioned everything which really led me to awaken, seeing life clearly for the very first time like a veil lifted before my eyes. In my case seeking was necessary for me to come back to my true self but with others, it can happen spontaneously and out of the blue. You might be reading these last few sentences and thinking "what is this chick talking about?" but it will probably subconsciously plant a seed in your mind and later on, you might think back to this very moment and be like "ahhhh I get it". We have the power to make a change on this earth and the best place to start is with yourself. I think a lot of people think they have to be like Elon Musk and invent something or start some big company which simply isn't the case. Or sometimes people go cold turkey with their current lifestyle and it's too drastic that they go straight back to how they were. You will more likely succeed if you take one step at a time and gradually transition your life. It's not about being perfect, everything has an impact so it's really about being aware of your impact and making small changes at a time towards living a low impact life. Please remember that small changes can still do so much good! It's time we goodies also speak up and use our voice, share our experiences, share out stories and promote a sustainable future. Share the love 

CEO - Isabella West